Alex Stephen Martin
Alex Martin


April 15, 1985 (age 27)

Relationship Status

Dating Isabella Gordon


Chesterfield, Virginia


Charlotte, North Carolina



Early LifeEdit

Alex is the older sister of Danica and Nick Martin. His mother, Annabelle Martin is an engineer in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) and his father Trent Martin is the owner of Trent Martin Motorsports, a team that operates in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Alex got his interest of racing through his parents, but mainly from his father.


Growing up, Alex was surronded by racing. His mother was an engineer, his younger siblings Danica and Nick raced in the short tracks of Virginia and his father was a team owner in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, called 'Trent Martin Motorsports'. Whenever he would get the time, Alex would at times race with Danica and Nick, but most of the time would just sit in the grand-stands and support the two.

After graduating from highschool, Alex went to work with whatever he could at Trent Martin Motorsports.

Personal LifeEdit

Alex is the older brother of Danica and Nick Martin. He is half French and half Greek

When Alex was thirteen, Alex met Serena Hamlin at a short track in Virginia where Danica and Nick were racing on. They hung out for a while, where they ended up going out with each other. They were dating on and off for ten years, until they broke it off officially in May of 2008. Alex and Serena are still friends till this day. It was stated on Alex's Twitter that he (along with Isabelle) was in attendance for Serena's wedding to NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski

In 2010, Alex was the 'VFW 200' at Michigan International Speedway where he met Kyle Busch Motorsports Truck driver Isabella Gordon. They hung out for a while before the race, and beyond that. After a few weeks, Isabella and Alex started going out.


Danica Martin (sister)

Nick Martin (brother)

Twitter AccountEdit

Alex's Twitter account is @AlexMartin24. He uses it to talk to his friends, fans of NASCAR, posts updates about what's going on with him and posts photos of him and Isabella from time to time.
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