Alyssa Faith Tebow
Alyssa Tebow


August 15, 1987 (age 24)

Makati City, Philippines

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Jacksonville, Florida


Tampa, Florida

Early LifeEdit

Alyssa is the youngest daughter of Pamela Elaine and Robert Ramsey Tebow II. She is the youngest out of six childrren. Alyssa was homeschooled.


When legistlation in Florida was passed, allowing homeschooled students to participate on the team of the local school in the school district in which they live, living in an apartment in nearby St. Johns County, Florida, Alyssa ended up making the football taem at Nease High School as a Tight End.

After she was finished with highschool, Alyssa went to the University of Georgia, where she'd continued playing as a Tight End for the team. In her 2007 season, the current quaterback for the team was injured and wasn't going to be on the team for the rrest of the season, the coach had placed Alyssa as the replacement QB for the team, and did well as playing as quarterback, and had lead the Georgia Bulldogs a win against their rivals the Florida Gators 30-42.

After graduating from Georgia in 2010, Alyssa just spends her time on the road in the NFL circut, watching her brother Tim play for the Denver Broncos.

Personal LifeEdit

Alyssa is the youngest out of six children, including NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, which the two are very close in terms of a sibling relationship.

Alyssa was homeschooled and was raised as a Christian.


Tim Tebow (brother)

Christy Tebow (sister)

Katie Tebow (sister)

Robby Tebow (brother)

Peter Tebow (brother)

Twitter AccountEdit

Alyssa's Twitter account is @AlyssaTebow15. She mainly uses it to talk to her friends and posts photos of herself from time to time.