Alyssa Savannah Wolfe
Alyssa Wolfe


April 2, 1987 (age 25)

Relationship Status

Dating J.J. Yeley


Milford, New York


Mooresville, North Carolina


Crew Chief for Nationwide #12 in 2012

Early LifeEdit

Alyssa is the younger sister of Paul Wolfe. They are very close in terms of their sibling relationship.


Alyssa didn't have a great relationship with her parents, and it gotten so far that she had to move out when she was fifteen years old, and lived with her best friend Tiffany for a year. Then she went and stayed with Paul as he raced in the NASCAR Busch Series (now known as the Nationwid Series).

Because of her spending time with her brother on the road, Alyssa went and watched Craftsman Truck Series races (now known as the Camping World Truck Series) when that series and the Busch series would race on the same track, Alyssa would spend some time with then-Truck Seires driver Summer Keselowski. Alyssa and Summer had developed a good friendship.

In 2008, when Summer was in her second year of racing in the Nationwide Series with Penske Racing, Alyssa learned some things about being a crew chief from Summer's crew chief Mark Crnkovic and eventually learned more things about being a creew chief from both Mark and from Paul when Paul started working for Penske
Alyssa Wolfe2

Alyssa was hanging out with her friends when they were bored and took this photo of her

Racing in 2010 where Paul was the crew chief for Brad Keselowski. Alyssa is continuing to learn the ways of being a crew chief from Brad's 2011 Nationwide crew chief Todd Gordon.

Since it was confirmed that Mark would be moving up to the Sprint Cup Series for the second time in his crew chief career in 2012 as the crew chief for Summer, it was rumoured that Alyssa would be taking over as the crew chief for Summer in the Nationwide Series. Alyssa confirmed that rumour that she is going to be the crew chief for Summer in 2012 just a month after the rumour was leaked out.

Personal LifeEdit

Alyssa is the younger sister of Paul Wolfe. The two are very close to each other in terms of a sibling relationship.

On February 12, 2012, it was stated on Alyssa's Twitter that she's in a relationship with J.J. Yeley.

Sibling: Paul Wolfe (brother)

Twitter AccountEdit

Alyssa's Twitter account is @12AlyssaWolfe2. She uses it to talk to her friends, fans of NASCAR, and fans of Summer and Brad.
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Alyssa's Twitter photo