Ashley Isabella Newman
Ashley Newman


November 17, 1984 (age 27)

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South Bend, Indiana


Mooresville, North Carolina



Early LifeEdit

Ashley is the younger sister of Ryan Newman. He was the reason that Ashley had liked racing. She also looks up to Ryan like an idol.


Growing up, Ashley was an athletic kid. When she entered elementary school, she was involved in sports. Her main sports were soccer, basketball and volleyball during elementary school.

When she entered highschool, the main sports that she participated in were lacrosse, swimming, football and baseball. She ended up graduating from highschool with a full sports scholarship to any university, but she ended uup giving that to someone who she thought was more deserving of it more than her.

Two weeks after graduating from highschool, Ashley was involved in a drunk driver accident. Ashley survived it, but broken her neck in the process. But, Ashley's friend that was also involved in the accident, Brooke, had died from serious injuries. Ashley only came out of it with a broken foot and a few bumps and bruises.

Ever since that accident, Ashley is now on the NASCAR circut with her brother.

Personal LifeEdit

Ashley is the younger sister of Ryan Newman.


Ryan Newman (brother)

Krissie Newman (sister-in-aw)


Brooklyn Newman

Scarlett Newman

Twitter AccountEdit

Ashley's Twitter account is @AshleyNewman. She uses it to talk to her friends, fans of NASCAR and fans of her brother. She also posts photos of herself from time to time.
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