Brianna Sunny Biffle
Brianna Biffle


March 13, 1987 (age 25)

Relationship Status



Vancover, Washington


Huntersville, North Carolina



Early Life

Brianna is the younger sister of Greg Biffle. The two weren't really close at first growing up, but their sibling relationship developed more as they got older. As of now, they have a close sibling relationship.


Brianna was rebelious when she was growing up. Whatever her parents told her not to do, she would do the opposite. It had been going on until Brianna was fifteen years old. When Brianna was fifteen years old, her parents had pulled her out of school because she was skipping so many classes, and was being 'kicked out' of the house, and was told to be with Greg on the NASCAR circut. That was the only thing that Brianna did that wasn't the opposite of what her parents said as she went to be with her brother.

When she was on the NASCAR circut, she was still a little bit rebelious towards Greg, but it was toned down a bit. That was really how their sibling relationship got a little bit better since they weren't really as close as when they were children.

As of today, Brianna spends her races sitting ontop of Greg's pitbox just watching the race.

Personal Life

Brianna is the little sister of Greg Biffle.


Greg Biffle (brother)

Nicole Biffle (sister-in-law)


Emma Biffle

Nikole Biffle

Twitter Account

Brianna's Twitter account is @BriannaBiffle. She uses it to posts photos of herself as well as talk to her friends and fans of NASCAR and fans of her brother from time to time.
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