Bridget Marie Briscoe
Bridget Briscoe


September 1, 1988 (age 23)

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Sydney, Australia


Tampa, Florida



Early LifeEdit

Bridget is the younger sister of Ryan Briscoe. Bridget looks up to her brother like an idol. She got her interest of racing from Ryan.


When Bridget was just two years old, when her parents weren't paying attention to her, she went into the swimming pool in the back, and almost drowned because she couldn't swim at the time. Ryan noticed that Bridget wasn't anywherre to be found, before findhing her in the pool and managed to make Bridget not die.

School for Bridget was great because she was a nerd. She was good at every class that she had. She suprisingly didn't had to deal with people making fun of her for her smartness, but that changed during the graduation ceremony. Bridget was selected to be the valedictorian for the graduation class, and while she was doing the valedictorian speech, another graduate yelled for her to get off the stage because nerd didn't desrve to have all the glory that she's recieving at that moment. Bridget literally jumped off the stage towards that person and a fight ensured. The fight had lasted for a few minutes before some of the teachers broke Bridget and the student apart.

After that, Bridget lived in Austrailia for a while before deciding to move to Tampa, Florida when she was nineteen. After moving to Florida, Bridget now spends her time traveling with the IZOD IndyCar series with her brother supporting him and cheering for him whenever she gets the chance.

Personal LifeEdit

Bridget is the younger sister of Ryan Briscoe.

Siblings: Ryan Briscoe (brother), Natasha Cole (sister in-law)

Family Members: Samantha Briscoe (niece), Abigail Briscoe (niece)

Twitter AccountEdit

Bridget's Twitter account is @BridgetBriscoe. She uses it to post photos of herself and occasionaly photos of her and Ryan. She also talks to her friends as well as fans of the IZOD IndyCar series.
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Bridget's Twitter photo