Carmen Lydnsey McMurray
Carmen McMurray


October 2, 1984 (age 27)

Relationship Status

Dating Nick Martin


Joplin, Missouri


Concord, North Carolina

Early Life

Carmen is the younger sister of Jamie McMurray. They were really close to to each other in terms of a sibling relationship, they acted like twins, despite there being an eight year age difference between the two. Carmen got her love of racing from her brother.


Growing up, Carmen wasn't really that close to her parents with the reason being that she liked her parents, but wasn't really that close. But, she does have a really close relationship with Jamie.

In high school, Carmen was an athletic kid, where she mainly participated in soccer, swimming, lacrosse, boys' football, and even go-karting when she was given the chance. Because of her being so athletic during highschool, she was given an athletic scholarship to any university of her choice.

She then went to the University of Missouri playing just soccer and football and getting a degree in Journalism. After getting that degree in 2006, she then went on the NASCAR road with Jamie.

2011 Joplin Tornado

In May of 2011, Carmen decided to head back to Joplin to see her friends since the last time she did was the first off week of the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, but she was involved with the 2011 Joplin tornado, which then a piece of metal had broken her right ankle and foot. After the tornado passed by (and since the main hospital in Joplin was heavingly destroyed from the tornado), she was transported to the University of Missouri Women's and Children's Health Hospital in Columbia, Missouri for a few months before being air-lifted to the Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast in Concord, North Carolina. Carmen is currently in the rehabillitation stage for her foot and ankle to have it heal correctly.

Personal Life

Carmen is the younger sister of Jamie McMurray, who they are really close.

On December 18, 2011, Carmen had gotten into a relationship with Nick Martin.

Siblings: Jamie McMurray (brother), Madison Johnson (sister in-law), Jimmie Johnson (brother in-law)

Family Members: Jennifer McMurray (niece)

Twitter Account

Carmen's Twitter account is @JoplinBeauty1. She uses it to talk to her friends, fans of NASCAR, friends of her brother and posts updates of her foot and ankle.
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