Gabrielle Kylie Reutimann
Gabrielle Reutimann


January 1, 1982 (age 30)

Relationship Status

Engaged to Martin Truex Jr.


Zephyrills, Florida


Mooresville, North Carolina


NASCAR Babysitter

Early Life

Gabrielle is the younger sister of David Reutimann. Gabrielle learned how to be a racer from David.


Gabrielle had a terrible relationship with her parents, over the reason about her career choice: Gabrielle wanted to be involved in racing. Her parents didn't want her to because they didn't want her to get hurt in anyway. It went so bad that just at sixteen years old, Gabrielle moved out and lived with a friend who lived just nearby.

Because of that, her and David had a close relationship and Gabrielle even treats David like a father-figure from time to time.

Gabrielle ended up dropping out of highschool at her senior year because of her friend Curtis commiting suicide over a breakup that he had with the head cheerleader of their highschool. After dropping out, she moved to Mooresville, North Carolina. Then afterwards, she went on the road with David on the NASCAR Cup circut.

As of now, Gabrielle is a NASCAR babysitter, meaning if a driver is busy with whatever (media avaliability, sponsor appearances, whatever) and their wife/girlfriend is busy as well, Gabrielle would take care of their child(ren) until one of them wasn't busy.

Personal Life

Gabrielle is the younger sister of David Reutimann.

Through David, Gabrielle had met Martin Truex Jr. at the New Hampshire race in 2007. They hung out for a while, until officially going out starting at the 2007 off season. On December 14, 2011, Martin and Gabrielle had gotten engaged and are planning a wedding on December 17, 2012 wedding

Siblings: David Reutimann (brother) Lisa Reutimann (sister-in-law)

Family Members: Emilia Reutimann (Niece) Alicia Reutimann (Niece)

Twitter Account

Gabrielle's Twitter account is @GabrielleKylieReutimann. She uses it to update people about what's going on with her and posts photos of herself from time to time.
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