Hayley Danielle Stenhouse
Hayley Stenhouse


October 2, 1987 (age 24)

Relationship Status

Olive Branch, Mississippi


Concord, North Carolina



Early Life

Hayley is the twin sister of Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Both her and her brother love racing, but Hayley didn't want a career in racing.


Growing up, Hayley was always quiet. No matter what, she didn't want to talk to anyone about almost was only racing that got her to start talking. She was so quiet that her parents had brought her to her doctor to see if she was deaf.

Because of her being so quiet and nice, nobody had suspected her of doing anything bad. Because of that, she was able to 'fly under the radar' so to speak, because she would do something bad (like punch a person or do some form of harm to a person), and when someone wants to know what's going on, and they would know Hayley, they would automatically blame it on the other person, and not Hayley.

Hayley went to graduate from highschool, where she quoted during a minute-talk session about summing up her highschool experience, and she ended up saying, 'Life is a series of races. We finished a race known as elementary school. We finished a race known as highschool. Now, it's on to the next race known as college or univerisity. Then after that, we're in a race known as LIfe. So, don't spend it hitting the wall at 188 mp/h, spend it so that you know at the end, you've reached Victory Lane, and spend it with the people that you know and love dearly'.

Hayley now spends her time watching her brother race in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Personal Life

Hayley is the twin sister of Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Sibling: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (brother)

Twitter Account

Hayley's Twitter account is @HayleyStenhouse. She uses it to to talk to her friends, fans of NASCAR and either fans of Ricky, or fans of Roush Fenway Racing. She also posts photos of herself from time to time.
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