Jasmine Morgan Sauter
Jasmine Sauter


May 16, 1986 (age 25)

Relationship Status



Necedah, Wisconsin


Miami, Florida



Early Life

Jasmine is the only daughter of Jim Sauter and the younger sister of Tim, Jay and Johnny Sauter. She didn't mind being the baby of the family growing up.


Since she was born in a racing family, Jasmine wasy surrounded by racing, which she did take a liking to. She raced whatever she could get her hands on, but she wasn't thinking of a career in racing as she wanted to focuse more on school.

When she did eventually graduate from highschool in 2003, she was focused on racing around Wisconsin for six years, and was juggling that while taking night courses at the University of Wisconsin, where in 2007, she had recieved her degree in Journalism.

After getting her degree in Journalism, she had been re-focused her mind on racing until 2009, until her brother Johnny had offered her to go on the NASCAR circut with him as he was racing in NASCAR's Truck Division.

Personal Life

Jasmine is the only daughter of Jim Sauter and the youngest sister of Tim, Jay and Johnny Sauter


Tim Sauter (brother)

Jay Sauter (brother)

Johnny Sauter (brother)

Twitter Account

Jasmine's Twitter account is @Jasmine13. She uses to update everyone on what's going on with her, as well as posts photos of herself.