Jayden Liberty Penske-Power
Jayden Penske


May 21, 1990 (age 21)

Relationship Status

Married to Will Power


Shaker Heights, Ohio


Mooresville, North Carolina


Contract negotiator for Penske Racing for the NASCAR side

Early LifeEdit

Jayden is the youngest out of five siblings and is the daughter to NASCAR and IZOD IndyCar team owner Roger Penske

Life with RacingEdit

Jayden had gotten her interest in racing when she saw her first Indianapolis 500 in 1994 where it was won by Al Unser Jr. (who was driving for Roger Penske at the time), and Jayden got hooked on IndyCar racing. Jayden got even more hooked on racing when she saw her first NASCAR race two years later, which was the Daytona 500.

After graduating from highschool in 2008, Jayden went to the July 20 'Honda 200' IZOD IndyCar race in Lexington, Ohio. Jayden ended up congratulating on one of her father's drivers Ryan Brisco on the eventual win at the track.

Jayden now spends her days hanging out at the IndyCar circut, and she also helps out with the NASCAR circut with negotiating drivers' contracts.

Personal LifeEdit

Jayden is the youngest out of five siblings and is the daughter of Roger Penske.

Jayden met Will Power at the Honda 200 IZOD IndyCar race. After meeting for the first time, they ended up forming a friendship, which lasted till July 21, 2009 where her and Will are in a relationship. They are still in a relationship till this day.

On November 1, 2011, Will and Jayden are officially engaged, hoping to have a wedding on February 3, 2012. Jayden and will instead held a small wedding on January 11, 2012.

Jayden has a tatto of the words 'Racing Is In My Blood' along with an open-wheel car and a NASCAR stock car underneath that on her lower back. She had the tattoo since she was sixteen years old


Roger Penske Jr. (brother)

Gregory Penske (brother)

Blair Penske (brother)

Mark Penske (brother)

Jay Penske (brother)

Cassandra Power (sister in-law)

Twitter AccountEdit

Jayden's Twitter Account is @PenskePrincess. She uses it to talk to her friends, fans of NASCAR, fans of Indy Car and updates her followers with what's happening in the NASCAR world and the Indy Car world.
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