Kalena Karen Gerdelman
Kalena Gerdelman




105 lbs


January 14, 1984 (age 28)

Palm Springs, California

Billed From

Anaheim, California


Orlando, Florida

Trained By


AJ Styles

Samoa Joe


December 3, 2009

Early LifeEdit

Kalena was an athletic child growing up, with the main sport that she was participating in was wrestling. While supporting the financial aspect of wrestling during university, Kalena got a job as a waitress at a resturant nearby her home.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Kalena made her TNA debut on the January 6, 2011 episode of Impact! where she was in a one-on-one match against Amanda Williams, where Kalena came out victorious.

The following week, Amanda and Kalena faced off against each other in a rematch from the previous week, Kalena almost won the match, but ended up getting attacked from Sabrina Carter, which Sabrina had allowed Amanda to get the win. Because of that, a rivarly was sparked between Sabrina and Kalena.

The rivarly lasted until Lockdown where Sabrina won the match by pinning her inside the steel cage.

On the May 6 episode of Impact! Kalena teamed up with Taylor Roode and Jessica Cox against Zoey Jones where Zoey won the match by pinning Kalena. After the match, the four Knockouts formed a stable, and dubbed themself the 'Fortune Sisters'.

On the November 17 episode of Impact Wrestling, after Zoey attacked Jessica, Kalena ran out to break it up.

Since Frankie's heel turn Kalena has stayed low and mostly wrestled on Xplosion but she may be on AJ's side soon.

Personal LifeEdit

Kalena is the younger sister of Kazarian. Kalena also has a tattoo of butterflies on her left shoulder and stars on her right shoulder.

Sibling: Kazarian (brother)


  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Turn It Up (Shining Wizard)

Tag Team(s)/Stable(s)Edit

  • Fortune Sisters (May 2011- December 2011)
  • Fortune (May 2011 - December 2011)

Entrance MusicEdit

  • Turn It Up by Chamillionaire (feat. Lil Flip) (Singles Theme)
  • Fortune 4 by Dale Oliver (Used when Teaming with Fortune or Fortune Sisters or going out with them

Twitter AccountEdit

Kalena's Twitter account is @KalenaKaren. She uses it to posts updates and posts pohotos of herself.
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Kalena's Twitter photo