Laura Nicole Hornish
Laura Hornish


October 31, 1984 (age 27)

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Bryan, Ohio


Mooresville, North Carolina



Early LifeEdit

Laura is the younger sister of Sam Hornish Jr. The two are very close when it came to a sibling relationship


Growing up, Laura had suffered from many rounds of depression. A couple of times when she had suffered from depression, she would miss weeks, even months of school. When the cases got a little bit serious, she had attempted suicide the times that she had the severe form of depression. Which would often lead her to the hopsital at times needing some form of a blood transfusion since most of the times that she would do attempted suicide was where she would cut herself.

Laura kept on suffering from depression until she was twenty three. Because when she was twenty three, Sam had offered Laura to come to see a NASCAR race because he thought that she might be interested in racing.

After seeing her first NASCAR race live, Laura got over her depression because she found something that she would like and wouldn't want to waste it on something completely stupid. Laura hasn't considered a full time career in racing like her brother, but she likes watching the races.

Personal LifeEdit

Laura is the younger sister of Sam Hornish Jr. The two are really close to each other ever since Laura had been suffering from depression when Laura was growing up.

Siblings: Sam Hornish Jr. (brother) Crystal Hornish (sister-in-law)

Family Members: Addison Hornish (Niece) Eliza Hornish (Niece)

Twitter AccountEdit

Laura's Twitter account is @LauraHornish. She uses it to posts photos of herself from time to time as well as talk to her friends and fans of NASCAR