Leah Natalya Rak
Leah Rak


20 (April 1, 1991)

Jackson, Mississippi

Relationship Status

Dating Ricky Stenhouse Jr.


Jackson, Mississippi


Tampa, Florida

Early Life

Leah didn't know her parents when she was growing up, because her father died from a drug overdose and her mother ended up giving Leah away to her grandparents on her mom's side, so Leah was raised by her grand-parents.


Leah was known as the outcast during elementary and highschool because of what she went through when she was growing up, which would result her in getting bullied. Because Leah was getting bullied, she ended up fighting the bullies during a day at school because they just kept on bullying her. Because of that, Leah was suspended from school for a month. When she came back, she just continued fighting the bullies until it was said that Leah was expelled from school in her junior year.

After that, she just hung around at home for a while, until she moved to Florida in 2008.

Personal Life

Leah was raised by her grandparents because her father died of a drug overdose and her mother just gave Leah to her grandparents.

Leah decided to go to the 2010 Nationwide race at Daytona International Speedway and she ended up meeting Ricky Stenhouse Jr. After the match, Leah and Ricky hung out, where just a week later, they ended up being ina relationship with each other.

Twitter Account

Leah's Twitter account is @LeahRak6. She uses it to talk to fans of NASCAR and fans of Ricky. She occasionally talks to Ricky and posts photos of herself.