Leanne Carol Hexcox-Angle
Leanne Angle




113 lbs


May 2, 1974 (age 37)

New York City, New York

Billed from

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Trained by

Kurt Angle


December 1, 2011

Early LifeEdit

Leanne was the only daughter of an attorney and a brain surgeon. Leanne never thought about being involved in wrestling as she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps. She met Kurt Angle at a WWE Show in 2004 when it came to New York and started loving it since. She's kept in close contact with Kurt and asked him to train her when she wanted to become a wrestler.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Leanne made her TNA debut during Final Resolution where she came out of the crowd and attacked Jessica Cox. After the beatdown, Kurt Angle introduced her as his wife and then they hugged and went to the back.

On December 15, 2011, Leanne had gotten in a brawl with Jessica after Jessica started to attack her.

On December 29, 2011, Leanne had gotten herself involved in the second semi-final WildCard tag team tournament match where she made the team of Jessica and Eric Young to lose the match.

On January 5, 2012 Leanne accompained Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and Robert Roode to the ring with Taylor Roode darning the opening segment. Jessica challanged her to a match but Leanne said no but Co Knockout VP Alison Hardy made it happen. She also teamed up with Taylor later that night to take on Jessica and Alison. Later that night Leanne and Taylor lost the match and accompained Kurt's team to ringside for their 6 man match.

At Genesis Leanne lost to Jessica and on the January 12th Edition of Impact Wrestling Leanne lost again to Jessica only this time it was a number one contenders match to the Knockouts Title.

Finishing Move(s)Edit

  • Ankle Locok
  • Boston Crab

RIng Name(s)/Nickname(s)Edit

  • Leanne Angle (2011-present)

Wrestler(s) ManagedEdit

  • Kurt Angle

Entrance MusicEdit

  • Top of the World by the Pussycat Dolls (Singles Theme)
  • Gold Medal by The Trademarc (Used when going out with Kurt)à

Twitter AccountEdit

Leanne's Twitter account is @LeanneAngle. She mainly uses it to posts updates.