Long Island Canadian

The original members of Long Island Canadian Haylie and Sydney

Long Island Canadian


Haylie Trudel

Sydney Copeland

Hannah Polito


The Girltourage (By fans)


April 20, 2009






Haylie and Sydney showed hints of being a full tag team when Haylie teamed with her during a couple of dark matches for Monday Night Raw when she was on Smackdown.

A week after the 2009 WWE Draft, Sydney and Haylie (being receantly drafted to Raw) formed as a tag team as they faced off against Maryse (also being drafted from Raw) and Ashlyn Neidhart where Sydney and Haylie had won. They'd teamed up with each other whenever the chance was given, but had mainly wrestled in tag team matches in dark matches before the televised airing of Raw.

After the 2011 WWE Draft when Sydney and Haylie were ambushed by Vanessa Bennett and Lucia Croft, Hannah Polito had came in and saved them. Afterwards, Hannah had been teaming with Haylie and Sydney, making her an 'unoffical' member of Long Island Canadian.

Long Island Canadian 2

The Second Reincarnation of Long Island Canadian with Hannah

The team hasn't wrestled much because Haylie is not wrestling due to her pregnancy.

On the March 16th Edition of Smackdown Haylie and Sydney made Hannah an offical member of Long Island Canadian.

Finishing MovesEdit

Haylie's Finishing Moves

  • Surgical Free (drop kick to opponent handing upside down on the turnbuckle)
  • Blonde Tornado (tornado DDT)

Sydney's Finishing Moves

  • Spinning Red (Corkscrew Elbow Drop)
  • Sydneycator (Kneeling Inverted Sharpshooter)
  • Seeing Red (Anaconda Vice)

Hannah's Finishing Moves

  • Justice (Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker)
  • Seeing Chuck (Roundhouse Kick)

Title Reign(s)/Accomplishment(s)Edit


  • 3 time Divas Champion (Haylie) (Sydney - Current)
  • 1 time WWE Champion (Haylie)
  • 1 time WWE Tag Team Champion (Haylie - with The Miz)
  • 1 time WWE Women's Champion (Sydney)
  • 1 time WWE Intercontential Champion (Sydney)
  • 1 Time WWE United States Champion (Hannah)


  • 2009 Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year
  • 2010 Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year
  • 2011 Slammy Award for Diva of the Year (Haylie)
  • 2011 Slammy Award for 'Temm Me I Did Not Just See That' (Haylie-for winning the main event at Wrestlemania)

Entrance MusicEdit