Mara Morgan Navarro
Mara Navarro




119 lbs


March 19, 1989 (age 23)


Long Island, New York


Tampa, Florida

Billed from

Long Island, New York

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October 27, 2009

Early LifeEdit

Mara was the former child hood friend of WWE Diva Haylie Trudel, but that friendship ended when Haylie made it to the WWE in 2007 where Mara thought that Haylie had turned into 'nice friend' to 'mean bitch'. Because of Haylie, that was how Mara got her interest in wrestling.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Mara made her debut in the WWE on the now defunct-ECW brand on October 27, 2009 where she won her debut match against Jenna Rodriguez, which set off a rivarly between the two, having many matches, with a couple of them being under Extreme Rules, which Mara won the majority of them. That rivarly lasted until the end of ECW on February 16, 2010, which then ECW was replaced by WWE NXT.

On March 1, 2010, Mara made her debut onto Monday Night Raw where she was put in a match against Melina and won. Ever since then, Mara was used sparingly on WWE television.

In February of 2011, Mara got involved with the rivarly between Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole when she was chosen to be the 'special enforcer' for the Lawler/Cole match. At Wrestlemania XXVII, that was where Mara started her rivarly with Brandi Coulthard where when Brandi came down to the ring and try to get involved in the match, but then Mara attacked her, which resulted in Cole being distracted just a little bit enough for Lawler to capitalize on that and got the win. Mara had been used sparingly on WWE television until the October 17, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw when she was in a six person tag team match along with the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and Michael Cole and lost to John Cena, Jim Ross and Brandi. It was reported and latered confirmed that Mara and Brandi are scheduled to be in a match at Vengeance.

At Vengeance Mara brought a mysterious blonde headed woman to watch her back against Brandi. That didn't work because in the middle of the match the Mara's back up was chased to the back by Raw and Superstars commentator Sarah Padilla. With that somehow costing Mara the match.

Personal LifeEdit

When she was seventeen, Mara's mother died from a car accident where the other driver involved was intoxicated, so that was why she was a tattoo of the dates 11-01-59 - 3-15-2006 on her right shoulder.


  • Session One (facebuster over the knee)

Entrance MusicEdit

  • The One by Mary J Blige (feat. Drake) (Single Theme 1)

Twitter AccountEdit

Mara's Twitter Account is @MaraLongIsland. She uses it to posts updates about her and occasionally posts photos of herself.