Marissa Ivy Bayne
Marissa Bayne


October 5, 1992 (age 19)

Relationship Status

Dating James Roday


Knoxville, Tennessee


Charlotte, North Carolina


PR Rep for Trevor Bayne and Summer Keselowski

Early LifeEdit

Marissa is the younger sister of the winner of Trevor Bayne, which the two are very close to each other


When she was growing up, Marissa was picked on for not dressing all girly because her outfits consisted of band T-shirts, grey sweat pants and different coloured Converse low top sneakers.

Same thing in terms of being picked on for her apperance happened in highschool, which Marissa would take her frustration in taking kick-boxing classes. When someone picked on her, she beat him//her to a bloody pulp, then get suspended. That happened to her in her freshman, sophmore, junior and senior years of highschool. Because of that, she then decided not to go to university in fear that she would be picked on one again, despite of her being offered a full scholarship to the University of Tennessee.

When she finished high school, Marissa then went on the road Trevor as he drove in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and eventually part time in the Sprint Cup series, where in 2011 he went on to win the Daytona 500

Personal LifeEdit

Marissa is the younger sister of Trevor Bayne, which the two are very close to each other.

Marissa is in a relationship with Psych actor James Roday.

Sibling: Trevor Bayne (brother)

Twitter AccountEdit

Marissa's Twitter account is @MarissaBayne21 She mainly uses it to talk to her friends, family, fans of her brother and just general NASCAR fans.