Natalie Selina Truex
Natalie Truex


May 7, 1990 (age 21)

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Mayetta, New Jersey


Dover, Delaware



Early LifeEdit

Natalie is the younger sister of Martin Truex Jr., and the older sister of Ryan Truex. Natalie didn't mind being the 'middle child' in her family. Infact, she actually liked it.


Natalie had a broken right arm when she was seven as she climbed a tree, and accidentally fell when Ryan wanted to show her something. She still has the scar on the back of her right arm.

School was like a roller coaster for Natalie. One year, she would do so very well, but the next year, she'll do so bad. With that roller coaster effect, she managed to graduate from highschool.

After graduation from highschool, Natalie started to apply for universities in the New Jersey area, but because of her 'down years' in highschool when it came to her marks, none of the universities would accept her, despite her having 'great years' when it came to her marks. Natalie tried that for about fifteen times after her graduation. When she was denied to go to any university in the fifteem more times that she did apply, Natalie decided to not go to any university and decide to head to the NASCAR circut and travel with Martin.

Natalie either spends any NASCAR race, sitting ontop of Martin's pitbox in the Sprint Cup series or sitting ontop of Ryan's pitbox when he makes an appearance in the Nationwide Series.

Personal LifeEdit

Natalie is the younger sister of Martin Truex Jr., and the younger sister of Ryan Truex


Martin Truex Jr. (brother)

Ryan Truex. (brother)

Twitter AccountEdit

Natalie's Twitter account is @NewJerseyTruex. She uses it to posts photos of herself and either Martin or Ryan from time to time. She also uses it to talk to her friends or fans of NASCAR.
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