Sarah Serena Turko-Earnhardt
Sarah Turko


26 (September 29, 1985)

Kannapolis, North Carolina

Relationship Status

Married to Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Kannapolis, North Carolina


Mooresville, North Carolina

Early Life

Sarah is the only daughter of Tina Turko, a owner of a bakery, and Chris Turko, a engineer in NASCAR, working for Roush Fenway Racing. Sarah got her love of NASCAR from her dad.


Sarah's parents didn't believe that Sarah should be taught by the school system in North Carolina, so Tina decided to home-school Sarah during the months that Chris wasn't around due to his job. But, when he was around because of the off season, he would teach Sarah about how an engine works on the stock car, and also taught her what each part from the drivers' compartment in the stock car works. Then as a part of a early 16 birthday gift, Chris brought Sarah to a NASCAR race, where before the practices/qualifying started (and somehow managed to get permission through Jack Roush), Sarah ended up driving a 'back up' stock car from his organization around the track that they were at (Charlotte Motor Speedway) for a few laps.

After that, she was allowed to be with her father in the Roush Fenway Racing shop in Concord, North Carolina as she saw him work on the enginges for the race cars.

Personal Life

Sarah is an only child. She didn't go to an actual school as she was home-schooled basically her entire life.

It was at the 2005 Spring Pocono race where Sarah met Dale Jr. Chris ended up letting Sarah go to any race of her choosing, and she ended up picking the Spring Pocono race. After she met Dale, they'd talked and instantly became friends. It wasn't till after they get to know each other well three months after they met that on September 18, 2005 that they started a relationship.

It was announced on Sarah's Twitter that Dale and herself had gotten engaged and are planning their wedding to happen on December 16, 2012. Instead of a December 16, 2012 wedding, Dale and Sarah had a small wedding in Daytona, Florida on February 21, 2012

Siblings: Kelley Earnhardt (sister in-law), Kerry Earnhardt (half brother in-law), Shea Earnhardt (sister in-law), Taylor Earnhardt (half sister in law), Faith Earnhardt (half sister in law)

Twitter Account

Sarah's Twitter account is @SarahTurko88. She uses it to talk to her friends and fans of NASCAR and fans of Dale Jr., as well as posts photos of herself from time to time.