Sarah Stephanie Padilla
Sarah Padilla




110 lbs


October, 14, 1990 (Age 21)


Louisville, Kentucky


Tampa, Florida

Trained By:

FCW, Sydney Copeland


September 7, 2010

Early LifeEdit

When Sarah was growing up she was amazed with both Wrestling and Journalism and decided to study for both. While in collage she met Sydney Copeland and Sydney taught her a bit till she got out of Collage then worked at a local news station for a bit before WWE contacted her and she began working at FCW for a while as both a Wrestler and Backstage interviewer.

Wrestling/Commentator/Interviewer CareerEdit

Sarah debuted on NXT season 3 as the backstage interviewer. While being an interviewer she often got in fights with the heels (Miz, Sharina Thibeault, Alexia Bones, LayCool, Paige Ouellet) but she didn't get in trouble much though. After NXT Season 3 ended she returned to season 4 but this time as a commentator at the same time she also became a commentator for the Smackdown part of WWE Superstars.

Sarah became part of the Smackdown commentary team on August 12, 2011 making the current commentary team a four person team. Darning her time on Smackdown she often got in fights with Michael Cole and often double teaming him with his daughter Brandi Coulthard. On The October 24th Episode of Raw she will replace Brandi as the third commentator on Raw and is expected to be a part of the Raw commentary team for the Raw part of WWE Superstars.

At Vengeance Sarah was in Brandi's Corner for her match against Mara Navarro after Mara brought down a mysterious Blonde headed Woman to the ring with her. Darning the match Sarah chased her to the back while Brandi won the match.

Personal LifeEdit

Sarah has a degree in Journalism and has worked at her local news Station for 6 months till WWE called and gave her a contract. Since being on Smackdown she has became close friends with Brandi Coulthard

Entrance MusicEdit

  • I.O.U.1. by Girlicious (FCW Theme)
  • Fever by Cascada (Singles Theme)

Twitter AccountEdit

Sarah's Twitter account is @SarahFever25. She uses it to update fans on what she's doing, Talks to everyone on there and taunts Michael Cole on there a bit