Sharina Emily Reid-Kahne
Sharina Reid


27 (March 14, 1984)

Seattle, Washington

Relationship Status

Married to Kasey Kahne


Seattle, Washington


Mooresville, North Carolina

Early LifeEdit

Sharina is the younger sister of Ryan Reid, a wide reciever on the Denver Broncos and the older sister of Patricia Reid, a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. Her mother is Rebekkah Reid, a stay at home mother and her father is John Reid, a taxi driver.


Because of her brother and sister's involvment with the NFL, Sharina instantly fell in love with the sport. Growing up, whenever she wasn't dealing with school, Sharina got taught about football as a sport, and even played a couple of games from here and there.

When it came to school, Sharina did so horribly, that she was actually told by the principal to drop out when she was sixteen because there was no way that she could pass her classes by the time she was at the average age to graduate. She followed that advice, and ended up spending most of her time on the road with the NFL, with her being with her brother mostly than with her sister). She lived in Seattle until moving to Mooresville, North Carolina in 2006.

Personal LifeEdit

Given the tickets by one of her friends, Sharina went to a NASCAR Nextel Cup (now known as the Sprint Cup) Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and she ended up meeting Kasey Kahne after she accidentally dropped something after she was leaving the race and he waas just giving it back to her. After that, they'd talked for a while, which then he'd invited her to be on the road with him.

That had resulted in them going out on dates with one another, just to get to know each other better, which worked because on October 13, 2007, they'd formed a relationship.

It was confirmed through both Sharina and Kasey's Twitter accounts that they are engaged. Sharina and Kasey had a small wedding and gotten married on April 4, 2012

She is the middle child of Rebekkah and John Reid, and the younger sister of Ryan Reid and older sister of Patricia Reid.

Siblings: Ryan Reid (brother), Patricia Reid (sister), Liliana Kahne (sister in-law)

Twitter AccountEdit

Sharina's Twitter Account is @FootballFanatic5. Everything is on there.