Taylor Ann-Marie Rocco
Taylor Rocco




99 lbs


April 16, 1987 (age 24)


Long Island, New York


Miami, Florida

Billed from

Long Island, New York

Trained by

FCW, Tori Brooks


April 13, 2010 (FCW) December 7, 2010 (NXT)

Early LifeEdit

Taylor is one of the long time childhood friend of WWE Diva Haylie Trudel, and Taylor got her love of wrestling from Haylie.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Taylor made her debut into the WWE as a contestant on the fourth season of WWE NXT, as she was the rookie of WWE Diva Tori Brooks. She lost her debut match on NXT to Natasha Farley. She had an average win/loss streak during her run on NXT.

Taylor did so well on NXT that she managed to be in the 'Final 4' (along with Natasha, Amanda Polizzi and Craig Maurer), but she was the second person to be eliminatead.

Taylor competes in FCW till this day as the reigning Queen of FCW after winning the crown off of Lucia Croft. She has been in talks with the General Manager of Smackdown Olivia DiBiase about getting a contract ready for her, so that she would be able to be on Smackdown around April/May/June of 2012, around the same time as Haylie so that they could be able to form some form of a tag team together.

On January 14th Taylor made her Smackdown debut as AJ's 'Surprise oppoent' Set up by new Smackdown GM Haylie. Taylor defeated AJ with 'Coming Back Down'

On the February 10 edition of Smackdown, Taylor was placed in a Battle Royal for the newly vacated Intercontinental Championship, in which she mangeed to win the match, thus becoming the Intercontinental Champion.

Personal LifeEdit

Taylor is the only child of Corrine Rocco (née Lahey), who is a manager at a grocery store in Long Island and John Rocco, who is a construction worker.


  • Coming Back Down (Hurricarana off the top rope)

Title Reign(s)/Accomplishment(s)Edit


  • 1 time Queen of FCW


  • 1 time Intercontinental Champion (current)

Entrance MusicEdit

  • Undead by Hollywood Undead (FCW Theme)
  • Buttons by Pussycat Dolls (NXT Theme)
  • What Do You Take Me For by Pixie Lott (feat. Pusha T) (WWE Theme)

Twitter AccountEdit

Taylor's Twitter Account is @TaylorRocco.. She uses it to talk to her friends (mainly Haylie) and fans, as well as posts photos of herself here and there.