Tia Melaine Gibbs
Tia Gibbs


August 20, 1987 (age 24)

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Charlotte, North Carolina


Huntersville, North Carolina Chesterfield, Virginia


PR Rep for Joe Gibbs Racing Contract Negotiator for Joe Gibbs Racing

Early Life

Tia is the youngest child of NASCAR team owner and former NFL coach Joe Gibbs and the youngest sister of J.D and Coy Gibbs. Tia got her interest of NASCAR from her family.


Tia was six years old when she was brought into the racing world by her father as he brought her to a race that was taking place at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and she loved it ever since.

When she was in school, Tia was known as one of the 'popular girls' because of her family background in sports of auto racing and football since her father was a football coach for the Washington Redskins). But Tia didn't want people to be friends with her for her family background. She wanted to have friends to like her for her. Because of that way of thinking, Tia ended up having three close friends that like her for her.

After graduating highschool in 2005 and taking two years of community college, Tia graduated from community college in 2007 with an associates degree in business and commerce technologies, which she ended up landing a job as the PR Rep for her father's NASCAR team, Joe Gibbs Racing. She also landed a job as the contract negotiator for Joe Gibbs Racing for the drivers that are either already there/considering a possible racing career for that organization/or just to keep a driver to continue racing at that organization.

Tia is considering a possible career in NASCAR as driving part time in the Nationwide Series driving either the #18 or the #20 Nationwide cars whenever the original drivers (Kyle Busch for the #18 and Joey Logano for the #20) isn't listed for the race.

Personal Life

Tia is the youngest daughter of NASCAR team owner and former football coach Joe Gibbs and the youngest sister of J.D and Coy Gibbs.

Siblings: J.D Gibbs (brother), Coy Gibbs (brother), Melissa Gibbs (sister-in-law), Heather Gibbs (sister-in-law),

Family Members: Jackson Gibbs (Nephew), Miller Gibbs (Nephew), Jason Gibbs (Nephew), Tyler Gibbs (Nephew), Ty Gibbs (Nephew), Case Gibbs (Nephew), Jet Gibbs (Nephew), Elle Gibbs (Niece)

Twitter Account

Tia's Twitter account is @RaceHardWinHard, where she uses it to talk to her friends and fans of NASCAR and also updates people about anything that is happening in NASCAR