Trinity Serena Roethlisberger
Trinity Roethlisberger


22 (April 5, 1989)

Lima, Ohio

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Lima, Ohio


Nashville, Tennessee

Early Life

Trinity is the younger sister of Ben Roethlisberger, which was how Trinity got her love of football from.

Football Career

Trinity didn't get her football career soaring until she'd entered the University of Tennessee, where she went to try out for the football team. The coaches were a little skeptical over a girl joining the team, but actually learning who she was related to (Ben had already made it to the NFL playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers), they'd let her try out, and she ended up making the team. She was also noted to be the 'best female football player' on the team. In 2009, she ended up winning the Jim Thorpe Award.

After leaving the University in 2010, Trinity still played football from time to time until she was spotted by Mike Tomlin and Mark Rogers -- the coach and assistant coach respectively of the Pittsburgh Steelers and had gotten Trinity to sign a contract with the team to be a backup player incase any player on the team was seriously injured.

Trinity ended up playing a professional NFL game on December 11, 2011 when Ben had gotten his ankle injured during the Steelers' game against the Cleveland Browns. Trinity played throughout the second half of the game and ended up winning the game. Trinity also played the second half of the Steelers/49ers game on December 19 where she got the team to a close 17-20 game.

Trinity played her first whole football game when the Steelers faced off against the St. Louis Rams where the Steelers won 27-0. She is still considered playing against the Cleveland Browns next week.

Trinity only played in the first quarter of the Steelers/Cleveland game, where the Steelers went on to win.

Personal Life

Trinity is the younger sister of Ben Roethlisberger, who they are close to in terms of a sibling relationship. Ben teaches her more about football whenever they could get the chance.

Trinity is also good friends with NASCAR driver Summer Keselowski who has gone to the Pittsburgh Steelers games that she could get a chance to.

Sibling(s): Ben Roethlisberger (brother)

Twitter Account

Trinity's Twitter account is @TrinityRoethlisberger7. She uses it to talk to her friends and answers fans' question from time to time.