Vivian Angel Kiley
Vivian Kiley




127 lbs


November 23, 1986 (Age 24)


Fairfax County, Virginia

Billed From:

Richmond, Virginia


Los Angeles, California

Trained By:



September 15, 2011

Early LifeEdit

Growing up, Vivian had always dreamed about being in sports as a career choice, as she was always an athletic kid, with her main career choice was to be a professional wrestler. She started training to be a professional wrestler when she was fourteen years old.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Vivian made her debut on Raw on the September 15, 2008 episode of Monday Night Raw, where she was in a match and lost against Isabella Crawford, where those Divas went on to have a rivalry that would last for two years. Their match that ended their rivalry was on the September 13, 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw, which was a Street Fight, where Vivian won the match by drop-kicking Isabella through a table.

After that rivalry, Vivian had been used sparingly on Raw, where the times that she would step in the ring, she would win her matches. She went as far as to get a Number One Contendership opportunity for the Divas Championship, but failed to retrieve the Championship.

Vivian had been drafted to Smackdown in the 2011 WWE Draft, and hasn't been yet been put in a match, but has been on Smackdown television.

On the January 27, 2012 edition of Smackdown, Vivian stepped into a Smackdown ring for the first time as she faced off against Natalya and won quickly. After the match, when Natalya beat-down Vivian, she was later saved by Rebecca Benjamin, in which she chased Natalya out of the ring.

On the February 3 edition of Smackdown, Vivian, Rebecca and Erin Reynolds teamed up and faced Natayla, Beth Phoenix and Diamond Kocianski, where Vivian, Rebecca and Erin lost after Beth performed the Glam Slam on Vivian. After the match, in which Beth and Diamond walked away from Natayla, Natalya tried another after-match beatdown on Vivian, but was saved by both Erin and Rebecca.

Personal LifeEdit

Vivian is the younger sister of Alex Riley and the older sister of Talia Kiley. She is also the older sister of another brother.

Sibling(s): Alex Riley (brother), Talia Kiley (sister), Julia Brown (sister in-law)

Family Member(s): Rebecca Benjamin (cousin)

Finishing Move(s)Edit

  • Overhead kick
  • Flying DDT

Entrance MusicEdit

  • Cuz I Can by Pink (Single Theme 1)
  • Stupid Girls by Pink (Single Theme 2)

Twitter AccountEdit

Vivian's Twitter account is @Vivian_Angel89. She uses it to posts updates about what's going on with her and answers questions the fans ask her.